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I Like Trains Elegies To Lessons Learnt Rar bevewas




May 27, 2014 I like Trains - Elegies to Lessons Learnt References External links I Like Trains' official website Elegies to Lessons Learnt - I Like Trains' official album site Category:German musical groups Category:Musical groups established in 2002Articles by author Friday May 25, 2008 A couple of weeks ago in my local coffee bar I overheard a very familiar conversation. A middle aged couple was sitting at the table next to me and the conversation went something like this: Woman – “so, when is your next show coming up?” Man – “oh about two weeks.” Woman – “i really like the show you have coming up next week, but what is that you are painting?” Man – “I’m really not sure.” Woman – “I didn’t know you could paint those.” Man – “oh I don’t know, I just happened to have a spare ten bucks in my pocket and a bunch of colors so I thought I’d try it.” Woman – “did you see what she just painted?” Man – “no, what is it?” Woman – “it’s a large piece.” Man – “it’s a pretty small piece.” Woman – “i don’t think so.” Man – “well it’s got a couple of little spots of paint on the right side but besides that it’s really big.” Woman – “looks big to me.” Man – “well it’s just one little spot of paint and I’m not sure what it is.” Woman – “it’s a bird.” Man – “what?” Woman – “it’s a bird, look at the feathers, it’s a robin.” Man – “right but it’s just one little spot and it’s just a robin and it’s not nearly that big.” Woman – “are you kidding me




I Like Trains Elegies To Lessons Learnt Rar bevewas

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